I’m not going to lie. Noosa aka Wunya Ngulum, was not on my list. But it WAS conveniently located between two places that were on my list, AND close to Fraser Island, which is my next blog post. Now having been there, it is retroactively on my list and if it’s not on yours, it should be!


Noosa Head is a beach town full of cute brunch spots and boutiques (where I bought my first “rashie” after sunburning my forearms like a fool) with a paved rainforest walk from the end of town that connects a string of smaller beaches along Noosa Head. Not pictured but by far one of my favorite moments occurred on one of these isolated beaches. In the midst of a sunny 40 degree (Celsius) day, there was an unexpected cold fresh rain shower, which was followed by an incredible rainbow. Why no picture? No cameras. We were floating on our backs in the salty ocean water, savoring the moment, the contrast between the warm ocean and hot air with the cool rain and the vivid colors, is indescribable. Although I wish I had a photo, no photo would have been able to capture this sensational moment to my memory’s satisfaction. All I can say is, if the opportunity ever presents itself to recreate anything similar, set aside your phone and camera and jump in the water and just live your life and enjoy the moment.

Rather than staying in town, we stayed at a campsite in the everglades. The cabins had AC as a much needed reprieve AND there were wild kangaroos everywhere. There was a morning I literally struggled to get to the bathroom because there were so many kangaroos between myself and the toilets.

Speaking of wildlife. Noosa is also the only place that I saw a wild koala! After almost 3 weeks in Australia, only 1 wild koala! And believe me, I was searching fiercely.

The Noosa Everglade is home to another tea tree lake. The coloring creates this bizarre sense that you’re getting into dirty brown water but it smells amazing! Definitely take some time to canoe the tea tree lake and sing “Just Around the River Bend” – yes, it’s a lake, not a river, but that song is just too beautiful to not sing every opportunity you get!

“What I love most about rivers is, you can’t step in the same river twice, the water’s always changing always flowing” — such brilliance! And don’t think for a second they weren’t all singing along with me! They were. ❤

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